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Why start a blog they asked me… well I’ll answer that in a second.

First it’s best I introduce myself. My name is David Azzopardi and I live on the small Mediterranean island of Malta. I am currently employed as a software developer with a company specializing in building network security, content security and messaging software. I have been working in the software business for around eight years now and I have learned a thing or two through my experiences.

I decided to create this blog to help individuals who are learning the art of software development, and especially those who are learning to program in C#.NET.

Through this blog I will be showing examples of different scenarios using C# code, I will be providing short tutorials on how to create stuff using C#.NET, and I will also be answering common programming questions.

If you are a student learning C# or maybe you just want to learn C# for the fun of it, take note of this url and check out my blog often because I’m sure you will find some code snippets or maybe a tutorial which will help get you started. Also, please feel free to contribute to any of the blog posts by leaving your comments.

Stay tuned to this blog for more info!


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